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A contractor mentioned Clinton's emails at a 2016 party. Now a Trump ally thinks it was part of a government effort to entrap the campaign
A seemingly impromptu suggestion at a cocktail party in 2016 -- that Hillary Clinton's deleted emails were circulating among the intelligence community and the Trump campaign might be able to get hold of them -- has irked former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo for years, he said.

Comey pushes back on Trump's spying claims
Former FBI Director James Comey pushed back on President Donald Trump's spying claims on Wednesday, warning that attacking the FBI "will do lasting damage to our country."

Stelter: 'If,' the magic word for Trump's conspiracy theory

Jake Tapper slams Trump's 'frequent lies'
In light of President's Trump's claim that the FBI secretly placed a confidential source in his 2016 campaign, CNN anchor Jake Tapper lists past dubious claims Trump has made.

Lawmaker: Trump is a 'liar,' there was no spy
Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) told CNN's Alisyn Camerota that the investigation into an informant in the Trump campaign is a way for Devin Nunes, a new member of the Trump legal team, to get information to share with President Trump.