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The officers left the emergency response team in Buffalo, New York, after two officers were suspended for allegedly shoving a 75-year-old to the ground, a source says
• See the shocking moment police pushed man to the ground • Texas county GOP leaders share conspiracy theories about George Floyd's death • Attorney for rookie cop charged in Floyd's death: 'Frankly, this is bull****'

See the shocking moment police pushed man to the ground
An investigation is underway after police officers pushed a 75-year-old man to the ground in Buffalo, NY. Gov. Cuomo called the incident "wholly unjustified and utterly disgraceful".

Two NYPD officers suspended, supervisor transferred after multiple protest incidents

Park Police spokesperson said tear gas was used to clear Lafayette Square. Acting chief then again denied using tear gas
A spokesperson for the US Park Police said Friday afternoon that the department had made a mistake by denying use of tear gas to clear peaceful protesters from a public park outside the White House earlier this week. Not long after, the department's acting chief once again denied using tear gas.

Protesters are encountering law enforcement agents with no identification. Officials say its unacceptable
When a civilian normally encounters a law enforcement officer, it's usually easy to identify them. Most wear a lapel pin with their last name and a badge with a number on it.