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The President announces that Israel will 'suspend' its West Bank annexation plans as part of a peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates
President Donald Trump announced Thursday that Israel and the United Arab Emirates have reached a "historic" peace agreement.

Analysis: Why West Bank annexation poses an existential threat to Jordan
On what was once a desert minefield separating Jordan from Israel, King Hussein and Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin made history. It was October 1994 and the Jordanian and Israeli leaders were signing a peace deal, turning the page on decades of war and hostility.

Opinion: Israel has a lot to lose by annexing West Bank territory
I believe in the value of US-Israel strategic cooperation. Not only is this partnership a vital element of our ally Israel's deterrent power -- no less important than its F-15 fighter planes and Merkava tanks -- but it is of great benefit to America, providing an anchor of pro-US stability in one of the world's most turbulent regions

Pompeo announces reversal of longstanding US policy on Israeli settlements
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday announced a major reversal of the US' longstanding policy on Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, rejecting a 1978 State Department legal opinion that deemed the settlements "inconsistent with international law."

As coronavirus fears spread, Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu sees an opening
As the spread of coronavirus affects virtually every aspect of life in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has become a staple of prime-time television. Most evenings, he can be found on the 8pm news broadcasts issuing new instructions and trying to reassure the country of 8.7 million people that everything will be fine.